Website Objectives

This village website is developed and maintained by me, myself and I with strong support from our Community Council and local businesses as a project/hobby/interest.

Purpose and objectives

This website exists to:

  • Provide reliable information about the village’s past, present and  future
  • Promote local community groups and their activities
  • Encourage local people to suggest and get involved in local initiatives
  • Help residents with internet access to connect with each other and keep up to date
  • Build an online archive of Newtyle’s history and achievements
  • Provide an interesting source of information to people around the world

We welcome all ideas and suggestions and there are lots of ways to get involved. You can sign up to receive copies of the Newtyle Newsletter, become one of the Friends of Newtyle or contact us with your ideas and suggestions, or just enjoy being a regular visitor to our village website and make sure all your friends and neighbours know about it!