Serious Incident on Kinpurney Hill

It has been brought to our attention by the local farmer that one of his sheep was chased and killed by a dog unleashed by one of a group of walkers going up Kinpurney Hill on Friday 23rd.  The police were called to the incident and there is a possibility that the dog could be destroyed.  This is an unfortunate incident in every respect.

In an attempt to prevent the recurrence of this type of incident we have to stress that all walkers with dogs using the Path Network must be aware of any nearby livestock and dogs are put on leash until it is safe to release them.  In particular we mention the Den and Kinpurney Hill as there will be a possibility of the new owners having more sheep and cattle on the hill than of late.  Notices are to be placed at the start and top of the Den requesting users to check for livestock.

– Max Young for the Newtyle Path Network

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