Duncan McPhail

Duncan McPhail, from Canada, sent in this photograph of himself sitting on his uncle’s tractor in Belmont Street in 1948/49. His mother was brought up in Newtyle spending her early days on Burnmouth Farm and attending Newtyle School between 1915 and 1925.

Duncan was born in Greenock but for a good number of years he spent his summer holidays in Newtyle.  His uncle was a gentleman by the name of Bob Bradford and he was a fruit farmer.  His friend with whom he met up with each year was the son of the man who owned the dairy on Belmont St.  He used to run down to the goods station about noon each day to watch the train come in from Dundee then over to the park to play on the swings and slide down chute.  Happy memories!

Duncan McPhail

Duncan McPhail on his uncle’s tractor in Belmont Street.

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  1. Ian Dryden says:

    I lived in Newtyle and area from 1948 to 1962.
    I did not know Duncan McPhail, but I did know the son of the milkman in Belmont Street that he used to play with. His name was James Guild. The other people that I remember in Newtyle were John & Irene Prain; Andy White; Pat Robertson; Beatrice Marshall. I lived at the Kirkton Farm; Burnmouth Farm, and at 13 South Street.
    I now live in Campbell River on Vancouver Island, Canada, and would appreciate some communication with these people that I have mentioned.

    Cheers For Now,

    Ian Dryden.

  2. Duncan McPhail says:

    If you wish to pass on my Email address to Ian Dryden that is fine with me. I live in Burlington, Ontario . I came to Canada in January of 1964.



    • Irene Todd says:

      Hi Duncan not sure if I responded correctly before so I am trying again so if you got first reply I apologise. Got quite a surprise with the photo as your uncle is my grandad who lived at 24 Belmont Street. If I remember correctly your sister was also called Irene. The dog in the picture was called Rover if my memory is doing me justice. I see Ian Dryden also posted a reply. There was Bryden’s too that lived in South Street. Hope you are well.
      Kind regards
      Irene Todd (nee Bradford)

    • Ian Dryden says:

      Guid Morning Duncan,
      could you please send me your email address.
      I live in Campbell River, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

      Cheers For Now,

      Ian Dryden

  3. Irene Todd says:

    Duncan the man that you say is your uncle was my grandfather. I too have many happy memories of 24 Belmont Street Newtyle. If I am right the collie dog in the bogie was named Rover. I have lived in Australia since 1981 but still enjoy a trip round the village on visits to Scotland.
    Hope this finds you and your family well.

    • Sheila Jelley (nee Bradford) says:

      Hello to Irene Todd. My father David Bradford (1896-2007) would have been a third cousin to your grandfather. I am visiting Dundee and area at the end of May and will be visiting Newtyle where our family stayed in the summer time in the 1920’s. My grandfather helped build RRS Discovery which is the reason for our visit from Devon.
      Hope this gets though to you. Sheila

      • Irene Todd says:

        Hi Sheila
        It’s good to get your message and yes it got through to me. My father would have been ages with the twins being born in 1925 living in Newtyle on and off until the mid 1960s. I reside in Australia and will be back in Newtyle but won’t be until the beginning of August. Unfortunate as it would have been good to meet you and maybe fill in some of the family history gaps. I have never been at the Discovery Exhibition but am going to try and make it this time around. I am happy for my email address to be passed on to you if that is okay with you.
        Kind regards
        Irene Todd

      • Irene Todd says:

        Hi Sheila
        Hope you got the email I posted to you as I cannot see it on this site. Can you let me know. Irene

        • Sheila Jelley says:

          Hello Irene – I can see your reply on the site and would be glad to have your email address and am happy that you can see mine as well. I have done comprehensive research on the Bradford’s in Angus and Kincardineshire which I am happy to share with you. A daughter lives in Brisbane with her family.
          Global family. Look forward to catching up with you. Sheila

          • Irene Todd says:

            Hi Sheila
            So good to hear from you and I would love anything on the Bradfords that you wish to share and if I can fill in any gaps for you would be happy too. Isn’t it a small world with you having a daughter in Brisbane. I replied to Duncan McPhail but never heard back. My email address is mctoddy1@ yahoo.com.au. I leave next Friday for a cruise to Southampton then sometime in Ireland and Scotland so won’t often be on email until I return home.
            Take care

  4. Lynn Ludecke says:

    Hi there…after many years I came across an old friend’s address. John Gilmour at “Hillview” which was 8 South Street. Does that ring a bell with anyone. I knew him in the late 60’s when I was at Dundee HS. Thanks so much!

  5. Sheila Jelley says:

    Just looking up Newtyle as that is where my Mother first met her husband’s twins in 1929 aged 5 years. Their mother had died when they were 2 years old and their father David Bradford born in Dundee in 1896 married my Mother in England in 1931 and brought them up as her own. I am visiting Dundee in May as my grandfather George Bradford (1866-1032) was a ship carpenter on RRS Discovery and now has a profile in the Discovery Exhibition. My now late brother and sister’s children are also visiting. As I have done the Bradford family history in Angus, Kincardineshire and surrounding area I know that the Bob Bradford mentioned also descends from Adam Bridgeford/Bradford & his wife Mary Hosie. My father and Bob would have been 3rd cousins. I would be interested to hear from the Bradford family. Sheila Jelley (ms Bradford) in Devon UK.

  6. May Johnston says:

    Hello Duncan I am your cousin from Glasgow.

  7. Barry Powrie says:

    I was interested in all the emails, particularly those relating to Burnmouth Farm

    My great Grandfather who died in 1931 at the age of 90 was the farm grieve for many years.

  8. Ian Dryden says:

    I would like to hear from Peter Robertson, Irene Prain, Beatrice Marshal; and other friends that I once knew.
    I now live in Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada

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