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fish-n-chipsNewtyle now has a chippie and a mobile one at that.  M & G’s have a mobile van fully fitted with everything to “cook the nation’s favourite at your doorstep”.  The van is in the village from 4:30pm to 8pm on Mondays and can be found in the Newtyle Park car park.  A fish supper is £5.35.

The convenience of walking to the park on a late summer evening for your tea might well be worth the 65p premium you pay over the fish supper from the chippie in Coupar Angus (£4.70).  Thoughts on the best fish supper in the area?  I have had various suggestions from fish supper experts: M&Gs in Newtyle, the chippie in Alyth and the chippie/chinese in Coupar Angus.

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  1. Martyn moore says:

    Hi there ross ,
    I would like too thanks you for posting this on your local page. just a few things i would like too correct we are acullay there from 4.30pm/8pm on mondays also a fish supper will cost you £5.35 not £5.70. i would like too mention that we do come from arbroath so all of our fish is locally sourced fresh every day from the famous spink family so we can maintain a consistant high standard of fish supper . Ross if u would like to come along on monday and ask for me i would be more than happy to give u a fish supper on us too thank you for adding us on the local page .

    • Ross says:

      Hello Martyn,
      Thanks for the details – I have updated the article with the relevant information.
      You might well see me on Monday 🙂

  2. Jacqui Paton says:

    Hi Ross, hi Martyn
    I would really like to speak with Martyn about the possibility of his fantastic mobile fish & chip van catering for a party I am organising. I have tried to find a contact number on line but not had much luck. If you see the reply to this thread Martyn could you reply with a contact. If you can help me out with a contact Ross I would really appreciate it.

  3. Martyn moore says:

    Hi jacqui
    I spoke with ross this evening as he came for my contact number for you if he has not yet had time too mail this to you my contact number it is 07712581734 you can call anytime of the day or night and i will be avaliable if not leave a message and i will call u back i look forward to heaing from you :). Also ross i would like to thank you again for your review and hope others from all the other villages that we go too set up a page like yours as it proves too be a good thing for the village thanks .
    Martyn .

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