Old Friends

I got an email yesterday from Martin Edward, whom some of you may remember.

Hello Newtyle,

I was delighted to find your village website. I am sure one or two
of the older residents of Newtyle will remember me. My name is Martin
and I grew up with my Grannie, Madge Edward, at 24 Dunarn Terrace
(Alfie Hunter’s house now). I am now 47 years old and still have many
fond memories of Newtyle although it would be nice to see a few more
pics up on the site (especially some old friends). Anyway I hope one
or two of you can find time to get back in touch [medward46 @ gmail.com] and let me know how everybody is getting along.

Kind Regards

Martin Edward.

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One Response to Old Friends

  1. Martin Edward says:

    Just realised I posted up the wrong email details … should read medward46@gmail.com

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