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If you are reading this then you have reached the new village website for Newtyle, Angus, Scotland.  This website hopes to become a place to come to for information about the village, local events and occasions.  While it is still early days there is a fair amount of useful information here already.  If you think there is something missing then please let us know and we’ll update and add to the compendium.

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  1. David Hogarth says:

    Hello. We use the walks around Newtyle quite a lot and congratulate the Footpaths Committee on their work. However we were dismayed last week to note that, as part of the clearance of Rosebay Willowherb, whoever has been involved has practically destroyed the only population on the Railway Walk of cowslips (?by spraying) and has come close to doing the same to one of the two populations of Yellow Figwort. Would it be possible in future to take advice before clearing scrub etc?

  2. James Black says:

    My name is James Black. I am a descendant of James John Black b. 9/18/1841 and Alice Watson Drysdale b. 1848. John James siblings were Marion Campbell, Barbara Simpson, Jemima Aikman, Julia Victoria, Alexander, John, Hutchison, and William. I believe James John Black is a descendant of John Black b. 1793/4 & and Margaret Aikman b. 14 Nov. 1811 – 1855. Married 1831. Possible siblings of John Black were Alexander, Margaret, James and Thomas. All may have been children of Alexander Black and Barbara Simpson. Possible siblings of Alexander were – Mary, Jean, David & William and all possible children of David and ??
    I’m trying to reach anyone who may be related or know of my ancestors. I reached this site by internet searching references in a journal written by my gguncle Cunningston Black who visited Scotland October 1921. The journal refers to “fathers farm homestead 14 miles East of Dundee at Alyth Junction, Newtyle.” And the “Black burial ground at a small old church near Nevay.”
    Thank you for your time.

    • Chet Lawson says:


      I have often heard my mother refer to Uncle Cunney. He would have been a brother to my great great grandmother Alice Black (daughter of James John and Alice Watson). The farm Alice purchased after the death of husband James in Montague Sussex County NJ abt 1890 is now preserved by the US National Park Service. The names you list as siblings were definately passed down my direct bloodline. My great grandmother was Jemima, my grandfather’s sister was Marion and my mother is Victoria.

      Chet Lawson
      Basking Ridge, NJ

  3. Chloe says:

    I’m looking for Allan or tommy Cosgrove or any of the cosgroves that live in this area. I’ve been informed that they work in the garage in new tyle. If anyone knows any way to get in contact or has contact with them ask them to get in touch. Thanks

    • Ross says:

      Hi Chloe,
      I can ask at the garage for you and let you know.

      • Chloe says:

        Hi Ross,

        I would appreciate it if you could ask at the garrage for me. I’m sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you. I would appreciate it if you could ask, thank you very much!

  4. Ronald watson says:

    My name is ronald watson my father andrew watsons uncle was james watson i believe he lived there n newbigging newtyle but i dont know where i heard that he used to cycle and nto newtyle to the post office for his pensioni would be greatfull if anyone knew anything about him regards ronald

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