Defibrillator for Newtyle

eassie_defibEarlier this month the two long-awaited defibrillators arrived from the British Heart Foundation, who provided the majority of the funding. Picture shows a brief ceremony in Eassie Hall, when Dudley Treffry, on behalf of the community council, handed over the vital equipment to Marianne Jenkins (who is retiring as school secretary after 22 years) with Neil McLeod looking on. The community council has provided £400, with ENKCA raising a matching amount.

A second defibrillator will be installed in Newtyle once a suitable storage cabinet is available. These can cost anything up to £350 + VAT + charges by an approved installer. It is therefore proposed to place a collection tin in the Post Office to raise this amount. The population of Newtyle is around 720, according to the census. So if every adult puts £1 in the tin, we should be home and dry.  £132 has already been raised through the appeal so there is only £218 to go! Only £75 needed now!

Anyone can suffer a heart attack at any age, women as well as men. Defibrillators can and do save lives. So it is the interest of everyone to contribute for what will be a community asset, available to everyone.

A programme of training is being devised in co-operation with Eassie and a team of qualified first responders in Newtyle. The first session will probably be later in October with a representative of the Scottish Ambulance Service present. More information will be made available through as many outlets as possible once a date is confirmed.

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