Walking around Newtyle

The Railway LoopIf you have never walked around Newtyle village or on the surrounding hills then maybe these guides will help you out.  The series of five guides is available from the shop both individually and as a bulk buy.

The guides are compact and informative.  The 10 – 12 pages are filled with a detailed description of the walk including a good history of the area you are walking through.  There are photographs of village scenes taken in yesteryear of landmarks that can still be seen today.  The centre spread of each guide contains a detailed map of the walks in the area carefully colour coded and labelled. Distance and duration are given and some practical advice on what to wear and expect.

The Den and Kinpurney HillThe Railway PathThe Two Villages

For young children and parents with babies in buggies the flatter walks are fantastic.  The old railways have gentle gradients and the members of the Newtyle Path Network have done a brilliant job of keeping the paths gravelled and free of weeds.  With all the snow in the last two months the paths have presented excellent opportunities to practise your cross-country skiing.

Bannatyne PathThe steeper walk up to Kinpurney tower is not buggy friendly but the path up the Den is easy to follow and the steps, rails and benches are all in the right places.  Out of the top of the den the walk continues up through the sheep and gorse over several false summits to a bench.  From there to the top is not far and the views are fantastic.  You can see the remains of an Iron Age fort ringing the tower.

That’s not a bad selection of walks right on your doorstep, is it?

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