Newtyle housing development given go-ahead

Angus Council’s development standards committee has approved plans for a major new housing development in Newtyle.  Proposals to build 36 houses and a day care centre at North Street in the village were originally halted at a September planning meeting after the developer alleged council conditions were “overly restrictive.”

Newtyle Property Company said the local authority’s insistence that 19 of the properties be built as supported housing for the elderly placed doubts over the project’s financial viability.In addition, a further 17 properties were ordered to be set aside as affordable housing.

However, following discussions with the director of social work, the firm has now decided to accept the conditions set out in a section 75 agreement.  Director of infrastructure services Eric Lowson added that the council had agreed to relax a rule which meant only elderly people resident in Angus could occupy the homes.

He said, “The applicant’s concern was that, given the location of Newtyle, it would be unreasonable to prevent an older person who lived just over the council boundary, in Meigle for example, and whose family who provided support lived within the Angus boundary, from purchasing one of the planned properties.”

Mr Lowson said he felt this was “a reasonable approach.”  The approval comes despite existing residents’ concerns over transport and drainage issues.  Social work and health convener Alison Andrews, who also sits on the development standards committee, said that she welcomed “every aspect” of the development.

She said, “This ticks all my boxes.”I’m delighted about the supported housing for the elderly, delighted about the day care centre and delighted about the affordable housing.”

Nicola Slavin, representing the firm, told councillors the development would be of “significant benefit” to the village.  She added that the day care centre would give the elderly residents a “social focus.”

By Geraldine McKelvie
Published in the Courier : 11.11.10
Published online : 11.11.10 @ 05.29pm

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